The Community Justice Network for Youth (CJNY) is a program of the W. Haywood Burns Institute. It is comprised of 140 community-based programs, grassroots organizations, service-providing agencies, residential facilities and advocacy groups in 21 states.

As a support network, the CJNY enhances the capacity of community organizations who collectively share one vision: To promote the availability of effective and culturally-appropriate interventions for youth of color and poor communities.

The CJNY’s work complements that of the BI by developing and nurturing real solutions to replace the “cradle to prison pipeline” created by zero-tolerance policies in schools, a lack of opportunities in poor communities and the failure of a variety of public systems. It is a unique combination of direct service providers, court and policy advocates and youth and community organizers who work to promote effective and culturally-appropriate community-based interventions and alternatives to detention and incarceration.

By providing national leadership that engages its members, CJNY helps them demand their local justice systems be fair and accountable and that their education and mental health systems be culturally competent and restorative. It also helps to facilitate, support and expand local, state, regional and national peer-to-peer exchanges of best practices. CJNY staff believe a strategic and intentional commitment to stopping the “Rail to Jail” is necessary to achieve positive outcomes for poor youth and youth of color. Visit the CJNY’s website for more info.