Volume 2: The Keeper and The Kept

“Youth of color and poor youth coming into contact with the law find themselves pulled deep into an ever growing industry of confinement,” the new report states. “These juvenile justice systems are upheld by ‘keepers,’ who believe that secure confinement is an appropriate response to nonviolent and first offenses, and to provide youth with services. We promote a shift in thinking – to using secure confinement as the exception, or the rare instance for all youth.”

Most nonviolent youth offenders are incarcerated because alternative services including mental health or counseling are no longer available in communities. When it comes to youth of color in particular, decisions to incarcerate are often driven by “zero tolerance” policies, and fear. In The Keeper and the Kept, James Bell, Laura John Ridolfi, Michael Finley and Clinton Lacey challenge this overreliance on detention and offer an introduction to the BI method.

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