We have helped jurisdictions across the country significantly reduce racial and ethnic disparity. These are but a few of our success stories. We’ve also piloted innovations in Baltimore, Maryland; Peoria, Illinois; Jefferson County, Kentucky and Santa Cruz, California.

Camden, NJ


Baltimore County, MD – We worked with system stakeholders to develop policies
that decreased the number of youth securely detained for failing to appear in court. The newly implemented strategies helped reduce the use of secure detention for African American youth failing to appear in court by nearly 50 percent.

Marin, CA

Peoria County, IL – We reduced African American youth admissions to detention for aggravated battery (school fights) by 43 percent by developing a pilot restorative justice
project to address “zero tolerance” policies in schools. We achieved better outcomes for youth of color while upholding public security.

Pima County, AZ

Ramsey County, MN

Santa Cruz County, CA – We worked intensively with probation staff to reduce the number of Latino youth detained by targeting the population of youth who were initially detained by probation, but then released by the judge at first appearance.