BI Policy Director Addresses Disparities in San Francisco Arrest Rates on KQED News (Audio)

Laura Ridolfi, Policy Director for the W. Haywood Burns Institute recently, spoke to KQED news about a new report from the Burns Institute (BI) that shows African-American adults are 7 times more likely as White adults to be arrested in San Francisco. The BI’s analysis, based on 2013 data, indicated that even as the city’s demographics shifted and ...

African-Americans 7 Times More Likely than Whites to Be Arrested in San Francisco

Click here to download a summary of key findings from the Burns Institute’s Racial & Ethnic Disparities Analysis for the San Francisco Justice Reinvestment Initiative. To download the full report, click here. “S.F. study finds big disparity in arrest rates between races” (From the San Francisco Chronicle – 6/23/15) Black people are disproportionately represented throughout the criminal justice system ...

James Bell Draws Hundreds to Town Hall

Last Monday night, more than 200 parents, students, law enforcement officers, educators, community workers, and city officials packed the Mello Center in Watsonville, CA to hear James discuss the non-judicial drivers into the youth justice system and the implications for schools and communities. James highlighted a few main ideas in his discussion: Schools must ...

Incarceration not the only option for juvenile justice

by Rina Palta, KALW News April 6, 2011

Chicago Public Radio: Why is There a Divide in Juvenile Justice?

In Cook County, almost six thousand juveniles were held in detention in 2008. But for every white kid in detention, there were twenty-nine black kids. And those sent off to prison from Cook County were also overwhelmingly kids of color.


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