RAC Evaluation

training2The RAC or readiness assessment consultation is a thorough evaluation of your jurisdiction’s overall will and capacity to effectively address racial and ethnic disparity.

The BI evaluates a series of internal and external factors that impact a jurisdiction’s “readiness” to positively impact racial and ethnic disparities in its system. Included among those factors are:

  • Purpose of detention and detention utilization;
  • Community engagement and collaboration;
  • System stakeholders’ engagement and collaboration;
  • Data collection and analysis capacity; and
  • Current juvenile justice policies and practices.

When the consultation is complete, the BI provides a report, which includes its findings and a corresponding set of recommendations. Once stakeholders have received the report, the BI facilitates an on-site debrief to discuss the report and potential future engagement.

Ramsey County, a system with an all-time low of 8 youth in detention, found the RAC critical to their success. Read more about Ramsey County and the RAC.